Value Added Services

ATT has more than 10 years of sourcing experience in the market and has built a solid and reliable networks around the globe. Our connections enable us to help our customers to secure difficult-to-find stock and shortages without risk of buying counterfeits. This is possible with the implement of our double-inspection program: parts will be verified at Vendor and ATT. We required our vendors to have visual inspection to screen for any non-conformity at cosmetics level: functionality test will be perform at cost upon customer agreement. Final inspection at ATT's site is perform according to Compliance Verification Process(part of our ISO9001:2008 controlled process) to ensure every part received is compliant with the manucturer's datasheet. The whole sourcing process is traceable through our internal record and barcode label found in every shipment. ATT never compromise on counterfeits.
We have in-house class 10K cleanroom to perform activities that require low-dust, humidity and ESD control environment by experienced operators. 
- Light Assembly: Mechanical & Electronic
- Visual Inspection
- BOM Kitting
- Sourcing
- EOL Replacement
- IC Programming

Light Assembly

We offer light assembly to support prototyping, trial run and small-scale manufacturing needs which normally neglected by contractors. Our dedicated team from management to skilled operator treat each and every business opportunity diligently and take challenges to meet beyond customer's expectation. Over the pass 10 years, we help our customers in electronics manufacturing and automotive sectors on cable customization, assembly of mechanical part for IT products, protective shield and touch screen integration.


Visual Inspection

We access our customer needs and perform the visual inspection either in-house at class 10K  cleanroom or remotely at customer's facility. Capable of providing lot inspection for visual inspection and sorting services of small projects, using digital microscope(X200) to verify and test each part per customer's scope.


BOM Kitting 

Our experienced sourcing is capable of fulfilling the task even for high mix low volume(HMLV) manufacturing at 80% hit rate. This is crucial as customer can maintain control over their products without all the headaches of managing the parts themselves. Procurement cost is more efficient when supplier is consolidated  and inventory cost is reduced.



Only suppliers in our approved vendor list receive our enquiries for shortages and hard-to-find parts. The sourcing activity only happened within our reliable network, parts will be verified and screening for counterfeits. 


EOL Replacement

It is essential to have continuous supply of material through out the entire project but the circumstances are unlikely especially for products with long life-span in medical equipment and professional instruments and redesign is not an option. This can be solved when our manufacturing partners have matched products or capable of refabricate those obsolete parts seamlessly.


IC Programming

Focus on configuration for FPGA and guide customer to purchase high performance but lower cost programmer or blaster. Help to diagnose and solve various programming bugs.